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Fun4Kids Festival, Warrnambool

It's been 3 years since the last time we visited the Fun 4 Kids Festival. It's in Warrnambool, so it's a bit of a trek. 

But today I walked in, and all of the magic of our first visit came right back. 

First of all, their line up- Jimmy Giggle, Lah Leah's big live band (today), Trolls, Paw Patrol and so many other wonderful shows to give you an opportunity to have something to eat and to sit and enjoy a performance. 

Then there are all of the zones. I am so glad we aren't squeezing it all into one day. We arrived a little after lunch and looked at all of the zones, mapped out which shows we wanted to see and worked around those.

Super-box world was a favourite- everyone gets to contribute to making a world of boxes- work out what you think is missing and you can build it with boxes, tape and cardboard, textas... look out for the robot boxes. So much fun! 

The Pirate area had a wonderful obstacle course and a giant sand pit, complete with singing pirates 

The Tradie Town area- well I had 2 boys, each with a hammer and nails in hand. There are zero photos of that, but we escaped injury free, and left with 2 race cars that a helpful guide assisted with. Ok, he pretty much undid what I did, and put it together right ... I'm a little out of practice.

But it was great, well organised, lots of help, first aid, food, toilets, people dressed as scarecrows to help with any lost children. I loved it. The kids did too of course, but they got to experience so much and it was really nice quality time together.

Here's a few more pics of the animal farm and various other areas. We are looking forward to day 2 tomorrow.

Also, on our way, we saw a koala in a tree and stopped at Logan's beach nursery where we saw a whale. That pretty much makes it my best day ever lol. Is it worth the trip? For me, 100 times yes. I find the drive is manageable, but I'd recommend 2 nights as a minimum. There is oh so much to do, I'm not sure that I'll even be ready to head home by Friday! 

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