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Until next time Bendigo....

We loved our trip to Bendigo. We only went for the day so it was quite a quick visit, but we filled it with so much family fun. Here were a few of our stops:


The Discovery Centre

The Discovery, Science & Technology Centre is a must see if you're visiting Bendigo with the family. Our boys were absolutely captivated, they had so much fun that we decided to pick up a souveneir for them each from the gift shop on our way out so the fun could continue at home. 


If you packed a picnic lunch like we did, the Rosalind Park was such a great place to visit. With so many giant trees, there is shade and so much open space for the kids to run around. We really loved the time that we spent here, playing hide and seek and rolling down hills. Ok, it sounds a little corny, but it was a nice place to watch time pass by. If you are at the park outside of school hours you will be able to access the beautiful playground- but we were there at lunch time during the week so we missed out, but it was still a worthwhile detour. 


With lunch all done, it was time for dessert and you know we love our ice cream! We heading into the ‘city’ and found this cute little playground. We got some Frozen yoghurt from Mix N Go on Hargreaves St and cancelled out all of it’s goodness by covering it in lollies and chocolate. Yum!



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