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You might be wondering, what happened to us? Here's the update.

If you follow our page, you may have noticed that we went to Bali and then we disappeared for a few months basically. No where to be seen. No explaination. Gone. Coincidentally, we are about the leave for Bali again!

Many years ago, hubby and I had a goal to purchase a house in our dream suburb. I can remember sitting down with my cousin and telling him about it. And his reply was simply 'do it!' Then I told him that we were hoping to start a family soon. His reply was 'then that's your real goal, the other one doesn't count'

The difference, you see, between a goal and a dream is a plan. We were blessed with our 2 little boys, and then I blinked and in just under a year they'll both be at school.

Approaching the school year, we realised that now was going to be the best time to make the leap. So we started building a life in the new suburb, one step at a time. Applying for schools, looking at office space, a little glimpse at every now and then. Our dream was turning into a plan. We had started putting all the little pieces together.

Tim was accepted into a new office space and on the week he was set to move in, a house popped onto the market, we went to an open for inspection, and put in an offer the next day. Without our house being ready for sale, without our finance being pre-approved, without seeing what else was on the market. And after that everything happened very quickly:

- move Tim into new office

- prepared our house for sale

- offer was accepted

- finance was approved- thanks Accession Finance!!

- sold our house

- kids were accepted into school and kinder

- sell off 9 years of accumulated stuff

- house packed and ready to go

- get a new job

- move in

And the most important

- take a deep breath, settle in and enjoy! 

So it was a whole heap of life changing things all happening at once. But I'm home now, and I've never felt more at home than I do at the moment.

So we've been setttling in and adjusting to a new life of routine and a new type of chaos! And we spend a lot more time being grateful, being still and enjoying the cheaper things in life. And with that, will come a brand new blog. 

Stay tuned!  

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