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Our Mr 4 Interviewed Cookie Monster AND THEN......

Last week we were lucky enough to interview Cookie Monster. THE Cookie Monster, resident of Sesame Street.

For this interview, I thought we would do something a little different and I let Mr 4 do the interviewing. I asked him to come up with 5 of his own questions – and after we established the difference between a question and a statement, he came up with 5 little questions, all of the important things that a 4 year old needs to know about a celebrity of this caliber.

I spent a couple of weeks looking for a Cookie Monster T-Shirt with no luck (found one 4 days afterwards of course!), we picked a little outfit. I thought little cue cards would be a great idea, but the kid can’t read yet! So we made little picture card promts to help him remember his questions.

The wonderful Nicci from Frosted by Nicci make us these AMAZING cookies to give to Cookie Monster as a thank you gift! I purchased a brand new memory card for the occasion, we did a few practice runs in the morning and in the afternoon, we went down to the gorgeous Olsen Hotel.

The interview was recorded…. Mr 4, a little shy to start with and quite camera shy remembered all of his questions, he had an absolutely wonderful time and Cookie Monster is DEFINITELY my Sesame St favourite... after all, we have so much in common... COOOKIIIIIES!!




There was nothing on the card. NADA.

There were tears. A whole lot of them. I'm not sure how it happened, but I felt like I let everyone down. I hope that we’re able to get it all back- it's in data recovery now, in the mean time however, here’s the answers to the ground breaking interview questions from the mind of our little Mr 4.

Cookie Monster’s favourite colour is BLUE

His favourite Cookie is CHOC CHIP- and Nicci's amazing creations were the best he'd ever seen!

Cookie Monster’s favourite fruit is BANANA

To get to Sesame Street you have to get on a plane and then get on the Subway and go for a little walk. Our Mr 4 was very happy to hear that Sesame Street was near Subway as we have one of those (restaurants) right near us!

AND his favourite thing about Melbourne - was meeting our little guy, of course...

The 46th Season of Sesame Street with Cookie Monster, Elmo and the gang premieres on April 3 with the Cookie Thief special, followed by new episodes every weekday morning at 9am and 12 noon on ABC Kids.

Thanks for meeting us Cookie Monster, can't wait to see you for all new eps next week!

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