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Jurassic World at Melbourne Museum

Carlton Gardens - Nicholson Street, Carlton
On our way to Isla Nublar

On our way to Isla Nublar

Checking out the lab

Checking out the lab



Jurassic World Exhibition

Jurassic World Exhibition

Dinosaurs and Gyrospheres

Dinosaurs and Gyrospheres

Jurassic World


To be honest, I wasn't expecting good things. The Facebook event page had some pretty bad feedback of the exhibition and one of the suggestions was that with so much hype around the Raptors being used to promote it- that there weren't any in the exhibition- so when we saw that the raptors would be appearing this weekend at set times we booked our ticket (you NEED to book if you're planning on heading in on a weekend or during school holidays or you risk waiting hours for an available session or you might miss out completely).


While we were waiting in line, I asked the security guard where the raptor would be, she didn't know, but she rushed off to find out and led us to where we could wait for him. I highly recommend joining the Facebook group to stay up to date with when the raptors are there. The little guys were very excited... And then quite scared, they didn't want to get too close and probably would have preferred to be watching on from upstairs and out of reach.


We lined up for the exhibition, they will take your photo which you can purchase for $25 at the gift shop on the way out. We were in line for about 15 minutes before we were led through to Jurassic World, entering via the gates of course!


If you loved the movie (we did!) then the exhibition really gives you a little sample of what the theme park would have been like... Minus a few dinosaurs! We loved the lab where we saw some baby Dinosaurs and eggs and were able to design our own dinosaur and email it to ourselves.

Then we were led to the TRex paddock. This is the part where Mr 3 and Mr 4 held on for dear life while we came under attack. The grysophere paddock was home to a gyrosphere and a Stegosauraus.... but at Jurassic World you don't know what might just be around the corner. 


Some of the feedback on the Facebook event page was that people felt that they were rushed through the exhibition. I definitely didn't feel that was the case. There were lots of people, but we took our time, and were over taken by groups that came after ours. We spent about 45 minutes through the exhibition, and an additional 2.5 hours to explore the rest of the museum including the Dinosaur Walk, a light lunch and a play on the playground. 


Our tips:

-if you see that the raptor will be making an appearance, book your tickets in for a session that will make sure you don't miss out.

-get to the gate about 15-20 minutes before your session time. 

-explore at your own pace, the museum doesn't want you to feel rushed through

-it can be slightly scary for young children, there is lighting, special effects and the experience comes with a few surprises...

-if your kids are anything like our Mr 3, brace yourself for an epic tantrum in the gift shop, or bring your wallet. 


The details:


Showing until October 9

Melbourne Museum - Nicholson St, Carlton

Get prices and tickets HERE


Museum Entry & Discounted parking is included in the price of the ticket- validate at the ticket desk

Museum Members get discounted entry to the exhibition




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