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Crocodile Park

Corner Bay City Road & Salt Water Promenade, Point Cook
Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Crocodile Park


I don't know when I will learn! I should know by now, that free water play seems to be the star attraction at flagship playgrounds around the state... and as you can see from the photos- we again found ourselves underprepared, wearing too many clothes and with insufficient (or none at all, rather!) towels!!! Whoops! 

But we didn't let that get in the way of a good time at the amazing Crocodile Park at the Saltwater Coast Estate in Point Cook. With over 5,000 people there today (my guess) I wasn't able to get any photos without any other kids in the background and I don't publish photos of other children without consent from parents, so you'll just have to take my word for it, that between the water fountains and the stream, the two giant slides, and a huge playground including nest swings and loads of climbing, this playground is a MUST for summer!! Check back soon for some updated pics, I know that won't be the last visit!

Our tips:


-bring a bucket and spade, swimmers and towel (and DEFINITELY a change of clothes because the sandpit + water combo is irresistable) 

-bring a hat because there is no shade over the play area

-there is a cafe across the road

- if you have a little boat, bring it along, it was a huge hit for the kids to float it down the stream


This playground has plenty to do for all ages including:


The playground contains:

-Free Water Play

-Climbing Structures


-Stream (bring a little boat to chase it up and down)

- Nest Swings

-Giant Slide x 2

-Toddler Slides

-Open Space to play sports


It's a wonderful addition to the area and we are making play dates there again for the near future already. 


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