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Jimmy Giggle's Christmas Party

Arts Centre, Melbourne
Jimmy Giggle & Hoot

Jimmy Giggle & Hoot

Jimmy Giggle's Christmas Party

Jimmy Giggle's Christmas Party

Jimmy Giggle's Christmas Party




Jimmy Giggle is hitting the stage for a wonderful live show and he'll be joined by Hoot, Hotabelle and the fabulous Ali McGregor.

For 5 Melbourne shows from 21st - 23rd December Jimmy Giggle's Christmas party will be showing at the Arts Centre. You can buy tickets here


We currently have the Jimmy Giggle Christmas CD on repeat in the car and we are just LOVING getting into the Christas spirit! We We picked up a copy for $14.95 from the ABC Shop, they boys are just loving Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  


We were lucky enough to interview Jimmy to hear more about the show and his plans for his first Christmas with baby Lenny.  


We were very excited to hear that you would be hitting the stage with not only Hoot and Hootabelle, but also Ali McGregor! This is going to be a great show! What else can your Melbourne fans look forward to at Jimmy Giggle’s Christmas Party?

Heaps of Christmas cheer, lots of singing and dancing and a very very special appearance from the man himself ... SANTA!! He has also sent some cheeky elves to help my at my Christmas party!! It's going to be a blast!! 


What do you love most about performing in live shows?

The interaction you have with the audience. It's exciting for us as performers to hit the stage and see how the audience will respond and believe it or not every single audience is different, it's great!


We know that you're a hit with mums, almost as much as the kids. Your live shows and appearances bring you face to face with your fans. Could you tell us about any interesting encounters with a star struck mum?

Haha, I don't know. Umm! I suppose some people get a little nervous or something and just waffle on, over sharing is always interesting haha!!


In April of this year, you and your beautiful wife Tori welcomed a gorgeous little man Lenny. First of all – Congratulations! Which Christmas traditions are you hoping to share with Lenny as he grows?

Oh man Lenny is the best, he is such a happy little boy, we think he will love Christmas! Although perhaps he will be a little too young for it this year. In terms of traditions I would love to have a picture in front of our tree every year, maybe 'Santa' could drop by every year too!! Haha! Also, my grandma had a long tradition of feeding the homeless on Christmas morning, when Lenny is a little older, I would love to pick up where grandma left off.


What are you most looking forward to for this very special first Christmas that you share with Lenny?

As I mentioned me may be a little too young to really get what is going on but I just hope he enjoys his time with family, opening gifts and just having a great time.


On your website (I think your paragraph is great by the way!) you mention that you’d love to have your own tonight show. Who would you most like to interview? And what would you like to ask them?

Haha, it's a pipe dream but hey maybe one day. I'd love to speak to Jim Carrey, (an idol of mine) just to see where the conversation went and what crazy faces and voices he would do haha!


You also mention that you’d love to explore comedy… would you share your favourite joke?

Not quite sure if any are appropriate! I just like to observe my travels and the strange encounters I've had with people and places. I think that some of these stories would be funny to tell... I'll muster up the courage to do it one day haha!!


On our website, we celebrate Melbourne and Victoria and what an incredible place it is to raise a family. What do you love most about living here?

I have such fond memories of growing up on the Mornington Peninsula. We had a big backyard and a council reserve next door. Beaches, great food and wine, it's an awesome place to live for a kid and an adult, so much so we moved back here to bring Lenny up!


I asked my Mr 4 what he would like to know about Jimmy Giggle. He said he would like for you to know that we were going to Crocodile Park today. He'd also like for you to know that his favourite food is ham sandwiches. We're still working on his interviewing skills. Do you have an interesting fact you'd like your young fans to know?

It's kind of embarrassing and a bit weird but I practiced for hours and hour as a kid to flare my nostrils, move my ears and do the worm with my eyebrows, I guess in a way it all paid off. I was told my eyebrows landed me the job haha!!


Jimmy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions. Good luck for the show!


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