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Mt Buller

Mt Buller Rd, Mt Buller

Lake Mountain


If you’re looking to head to the snow without having to drive too far, just to see the snow or go tobogganing, then Lake Mountain could be your closest reliable option. There is just something so nostalgic about the snow. I can remember going tobogganing with my cousins when I was really young, wearing a bright pink onesie. As an adult I spent a few days here and there snow boarding with hubby who used to be an instructor. But the first time we took the boys to the snow was so incredible. ‘Frozen’ had been recently played… on repeat… for a few months and Mr almost 3 had been learning the words and was singing on our way to the mountain. His face lit up when we arrived and he immediately wanted to make snow balls and of course ‘build a snow man’


We stopped in Marysville and hired some snow gear from Cross Country Ski Hire, they had an online price list so you could see what you were up for before you arrived (


A day trip to the snow can be quite expensive, but it’s not something that we do all the time, and to be able to ride toboggans and build snowmen with our little guys made for the most perfect day. We still work around day naps, so we were only there for as long as it took us to drive there, but we have the most amazing memories and it was certainly a really special day for our family.


Here are some of the expenses to consider when planning a trip to the snow:

  • snow shoes

  • waterproof snow gear

  • toboggans or ski hire

  • gloves will need to be purchased (not hired) we found them pretty necessary

  • entry pass to Lake Mountain

  • lunch at the resort or BYO from home


Other attractions in the area include:

  • Marysville Lolly Shop

  • Marysville Play Ground

  • Beechworth Bakery

  • Yarra Valley Chocolataire

  • Healesville Sanctuary


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